WTB Trail Boss & Vigilante 29er

WTB Trail Boss & VIgilante 29er

Given the recent tyre shortage due to the import ban, Im glad we have a 5% off on the critically acclaimed WTB Trail Boss and Vigilante tyres.

The WTB Vigilante 2.3″ tire is sticky, durable and pliable, and its open tread design and square knobs, along with it large footprint and volume, offer great traction, braking and cornering.

~ mtbr.com

WTB Vigilante open tread design, note the square shape, and alternating center knobs and tiered shoulder and sides.

WTB has one of the most logical labelling policies for its different technology. Who can’t understand the differences between a tough or light casing, and a high grip or fast rolling compound? Other tyre firms could do well to take note.

Tech talk aside, both the Vigilante and Trail Boss are designed for trail/enduro applications, with the Vigilante edging to the gravity-oriented side of things. The Vigilante is also billed to perform as a front tire when paired with the Trail Boss in the rear. The combo isn’t the most aggressive WTB has to offer—there are the Judge, Convict, Verdict and Warden tires for that. No, the Vigilante/Trail Boss is a faster-rolling combo that still offers up enough Velcro for the spicy side of life.