Topeak Swing-Up Dx Bike Holder 

Topeak Swing-Up Dx Bike Holder

The premise is very simple: instead of a static wall hook you have a hook that is hinged, so your bike can pivot left or right. This lets you have a line of bikes on a wall, of varying sizes, and be able to flip through them like a Rolodex (Millennials: google it). Your bikes can lie almost flat against the wall, greatly increasing space, particularly if your storage area is restricted, such as in a corridor. Bikes are held vertical by the back wheel bracing against a block set at the right height.


The Swing-Up DX allows you to swing your bike to either side and can also be locked down in 15 degree increments to optimise space usage.


  1. Attachments - Wall mount
  2. Material -Aluminium / steel / plastic
  3. Max Weight Capacity - 16 kg
  4. Added Features-  Rotatable Front Wheel Fixed Bar. Angle lock down in 15 degree increments
  5. Compatibility. - Compatible with wheel/tire combinations having an overall height up to 8cm (3.15”) and tire width up to 2.35”

The Topeak Swing-Up Bike Holder is a high-class solution to the problem of keeping lots of bikes tidy, or one bike in a very small space.