Topeak Backloader

Topeak Backloader

It's likely that a saddle bag is the first bit of kit you're going to look at buying if you want to get into bikepacking or light touring, and Topeak's BackLoader would be a good investment. It's a versatile piece of luggage that will serve you well when attached to a racing, commuting, touring or mountain bike.

The BackLoader is really easy to use and its simple hook and loop attachment helps to keep weight down. It has its cons, but is certainly worth considering for a credit card tour or the like.



  • INCLUDES A COMPRESSIBLE WATERPROOF BAG with an air bleed valve for easy compression.
  • STRAPS HELP TO PULL THE BAG UP away from the rear wheel nicely.
  • MOUNTS HIGH ON THE SEATPOST allowing plenty of clearance below.


  • BUCKLES THAT ATTACH AT THE SEAT RAILS are large and could be an issue to attach for some riders.
  • BAG ITSELF IS NOT WATERPROOF without the included dry bag.