Best Bicycle Gear 2020

best bicycle gear in India 2020

This best of bicycle gear 2020 is a compilation of the best cycling gear that we have used at GearLama HQ. The gear that has stood out compared to its rivals - whether it be performance or value for money. 

This list is geared towards a recreational cyclist, people like me and you. People who love cycling, and cycle for the fun of it. This is not your racing guide, but gear that you can use every day on your daily rides.

Table of Contents


Clothing - Heini Sports

Heini Sports makes the best jersey designs that don't cost a literal bomb. Style is important :) to a lot of our staff. But its not just about the design, their dye-sublimation process is completely waterless creating zero water waste. They also have a large range of cycling chamois pads depending on your application plus their foray into warm weather cycling clothing is a godsend to us Himalayan dwellers.


Taillight - NiteRider Cherrybomb 100

Just when we thought that AAA powered lights were dead, Niterider sprang a pleasent surprise with the Cherrybomb 100. A AAA powered light that is daylight visible, pumps out 100 lumen, lasts over a week, is 100% water resistant and yet comes in at under ₹ 1000. Great things do come in small packages. Check out our video review.


Multitool - Topeak Ninja 16+

Topeak Ninja 16+

Because it is a part of every ride, a multitool has to be light and yet effective. We've never encountered a situation on the ride which the Topeak Ninja 16+ could not fix. It is a simple design, yet it comes most of the tools that you will need, including but not limited to a chain breaker and Torx drivers. At just under 95 grammes this is our lightest multitool, therefore, there's no excuse not to carry one.

Bicycle Pump - Lezyne Micro Floor Drive

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive

There are good enough pumps and there are excellent bicycle pumps. The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive falls in the latter category. It may seem expensive but that is only till you hold it in your hands. When you do, you can see where the money went. Precision CNC-machined aluminium barrel, shaft, and an aluminium T-handle and a stainless steel footpeg. All metal because metal dissipates heat better and does not crack like plastic (only bends). Plus Lezyne's ABS or Air Bleed System works like a charm, making sure the pressure is drop-dead accurate. It comes in two versions. HPG or High Pressure with Gauge for road cycling and HV or High Volume version for MTB

Bicycle Lube - TF2 Endurance

TF2 Endurance

We've used many a lubes from Pure to Muck Off yet TF2 has come across as a no-nonsense lube that will do what it says on the box. Long-lasting, excellent friction-less ride and great value because this 100 ml bottle will last 6 months of regular use.


Best Urban/Hybrid Bicycle for Recreation - Kona Dew 2021