Shimano Alivio FC MT210 Crankset 3x9

Cranks impact the stiffness and how a bike feels especially when you ride out of the saddle. The Alivio FC MT210 is a 3x9 crank which means there are three chainrings up front and it is compatible with a 9 speed cassette at the back.
Alivio is the sweet spot in the Shimano groupset lineup for touring, cross and hybrid bikes. In our opinion this is the best value for money, groups for non-competitive cyclists.

So what makes these cranks so good ?

  • Alivio is a 2 piece crank compatible with a hollowtech bottom bracket. This means its stiffer and easier to install than a 3 piece (octalink/ square taper) system
  • The 22 cog small ring means you have low gears for any steep hill. Excellent for touring.
  • The chainrings are made of steel which means there is a weight penalty but steel is far more durable and robust.
  • Excellent Price