Panaracer Gravelking AC tyres review

Panaracer Gravelking AC tyres review

At ₹ 2,750 the Panaracer GravelKing AC are by far the most expensive upgrade on my fitness bike. Yet, given the improvement they have made to the handling, comfort & grip, I am kicking myself on not buying them sooner

The What?

Panaracer Gravelking AC are lightweight tubeless compatible tyres, that are biased more for muddy cyclocross races. This is also the reason they come in a UCI rulebook compatible 33c and a more for the masses 35 variant. Unfortunately, as of November, 2020, my first choice - the 35c variant, is unavailable in India so I had to go with the 33c width. 

The Why?

Ive worn down the Schwalbe Lugano tyres on my fitness bike. Ive already have had the rear tyre blow on me at 40kmph. Thankfully, I was able to control the bike and a rode it back with a business card for a tyre boot. Not anymore. The tyres that I buy now have to see me though winters and the mud and slush that comes with living in a place that gets a few feet of snow in January. 

So here's my story