Niterider Cherrybomb 100 Cycle Light

Niterider Cherrybomb 100 Cycle Light

It's difficult to be less than over-enthusiastic about a light we have been using for the past 3 years (the previous version - Cherrybomb 35). It still works flawlessly.

The Cherrybomb 100 is an upgraded version that dishes out a 100 lumen that keeps you visible for a mile. It still takes AAA batteries making it awesome for #brevet and #randonneuring. Swap batteries to get more run time. And no need to throw the light with the battery.

This is all the tail light any rider needs. Period.


• Lumen Output: 100
• 4 Modes with a Run Time up to 136h
• 2 x AAA Alkaline Battery Powered
• Weight: 82g
• Battery: 2 x AAA Alkaline
• Highly Visible up to 1 Mile
• 100 Lumen Daylight Visible taillight

Run Times

Fast Flash - 96:00h
Pulse Flash - 136:00h
Steady High - 72:00h
Steady Low - 127:00h