Fuji Sportief 2.1 2021 -  Initial Impression

Fuji Sportief 2.1 2021 -  Initial Impression

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ChooseMyBicycle has just revealed the Fuji Sportief 2.1 2021 is in stock. 

The 2021 Fuji Sportif 2.1 is an aluminum frame endurance bike with modest components and rim brakes.

  • MRP ₹ 94,990 
  • Frame Aluminum
  • Fork Carbon
  • Wheels 700c
  • groupset 2 × 9
  • Groupset Sora, FSA
  • Brakes Rim

We are always excited at these recent launches coming in after a drought of bicycles. But the Fuji fails to impress us - there are better options available at the same or lesser price and we think you should give this bicycle a miss. So before we get into the why of this statement let's first see what we like about this bicycle


  1. Lightweight double-butted aluminium frame - Nothing wrong with the aluminium frame. Fuji's mid-level aluminium and most widely used frame material which has a double-butted profile in the frame tubes that reduces material in low-stress areas and creates a lightweight frame that is extremely durable.
    Wave Seat Stays
  2. Wave seat stays - This is no marketing BS. The Wave seat stays to act as leaf springs. They disrupt and diffuse road vibration and provide a slight vertical flex increasing your comfort on the bike and smoothing out your ride.

    Rack Mounts

  3. Fender and rack mounts - Essential for an endurance bike and we're glad Fuji has not skimped here. The ability to add mudguards, a rack enhances the ability of this bike to be a mile cruncher, or a winter training steed or a tourer.


  1. Components - Fuji proudly proclaims that it comes with "Shimano Sora Components" but does it? The Crank is an FSA Vero, 50/34T. A square taper Bottom Bracket (BB) crank. Really Fuji! in 2020 you could not give us a Hollowtec/DUB crank at this price point? This is a cheap penny-pinching move that companies employ in components most people will miss looking at, and we hate it! Even bikes at 2/3 this price come with a stiffer and modern Hollowtec/DUB BBs.
  2. Rim brakes - Having rim brakes in 2020 makes sense if you're trying to save weight on a race machine. On an endurance geometry machine that will likely be used for loaded touring disks are much better because:
    1. They don't erode your rims (disks are cheaper to replace than rims)
    2. They provide better modulation and stopping power especially in the wet.
    3. But most important they do not restrict the width of the tyres that you can be put in. This means more choices with wider tyres.
  3. Price -This is the big whopper here. At ₹94,990 at the very least, I expect a full Tiagra groupset on an aluminium frame. This is not an unrealistic demand and manufacturers in India are already providing it at less cost!

Available Options

So why are we complaining about 95k price tag? Or rather what options do you have when you are looking to spend ₹ 95,000

Cannondale Synapse Alloy Disc Sora

Similar specs as the Fuji Sportief, but with disk brakes and Cannondale aluminium at ₹ 81,925. (save 15k)

Buy at Wizbiker India

Merida Scultura 300 (2020)

Full Tiagra groupset at ₹ 85,990. (save 10k)

Buy at ExadSport India

Decathlon Triban RC 520

Full Shimano 105 R7000 groupset at ₹ 79,999 (Save 15K)

Buy at Decathlon India

Surly Crosscheck

Most expensive of the lot at ₹ 1,10,000 but with its lovely colour, Tiagra drivetrain and Deore hubs still a better deal than the Fuji.

Buy at BumsOnASaddle


As we said before there's nothing inherently wrong with the Fuji Sportief 2.1 2021. But the price they are asking is too high for what it is. We expect a 5-10k premium on a bike from a known brand, but this bicycle is overpriced by at least ₹ 15,000. There are far better alternatives at just under ₹ 1 lakh and we suggest you spend your money on a better deal like the options listed above.

While there's nothing wrong with the Fuji Sportief 2.1, at ₹ 95,000 it is way overpriced. There are better specced bikes to be had for the same or even less amount of money. We suggest looking at alternatives or wait for a price drop.