Ergonomic bicycle grips

Ergonomic Grips for flat handlebar bicycles in India

A little discomfort on the bike is a good thing as long as it’s in your legs and lungs. That’s the reward for a hard workout. But tingling fingers and aching wrists are not fun.

Wrist pain and tingling is often associated with pressure or constriction of the nerves in the hand and wrist. Restricted blood flow doesn’t help, and vibrations and hard impacts play their part as well. There we at GearLama recommend getting flat bar grips with small wings built in for most trekking/touring duties.

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Our Picks


Top-of-the-line Handlebar Grips - Ergon GP1

The original ergonomic grip!

Continously refined over the last few years, the GP1 is the worldwide standard in ergonomic function, materials, and quality. Since 2015 the GP1 contains a new internal structure. The three-part internal support platform allows for additional comfort through varying wall thicknesses. Premium features are echoed throughout the model with the use of the purest quality German rubber compounds and forged aluminium clamps.

Mid-Range Pick - Supacaz eGrips

Specifically designed for eBikes yet these grips work great for non-ebikes too. Supacaz eGrips offer superior control, comfort and style.Textured finger-gripping pods help keep control with ergonomically designed wings that reduce upper body fatigue.

Budget Pick - BTWIN City 500

Designed for improving the handling comfort of the handlebar. Cut-to-size ergonomic grips and VIOO lights clip-compatible.