Bicycle Bling Gear May '21

Bicycle Bling Gear India

Not all upgrades have to be functional. Some upgrades are there to remind us that biking is not all about VO2 Max, sprints and sweat. It is our own small way to emphasise the that riding can be fun — a joy that we as cyclists feel and share.

So perhaps, if more of us start sporting goofy bling on our bikes, then maybe more people will be reminded that biking can simply be for the fun!

1. Gold Bicycle Chain

Does it make your bike faster, hell no. But does it make your bike cooler? Hell Yes! Available for almost every drivetrain by KMC and Connex. This is the the bling-iest of them all!

Buy Gold Chains - 9 speed | 10 speed | 11 speed

2. Custom Tubeless Tyre Valves 

Attention to detail or just pure bling? You decide. These ultra sexy Star Valvez are fully CNC’ed masterpieces.

Buy Supacaz Star Valvz | Available in 5 colours | 40% OFF


3. Eat My Dust Socks


If you have something to say to the laggards and the slowpokes, might as well shout it from the rooftops. "Eat My Dust"!

Northwave Eat My Dust Socks


4. Bar End Plugs

Premier bar plugs scream pro-peloton and style. Color match or contrast to get your ideal look. Oil Slick Star Plugz are the perfect touch for the perfect cockpit.

Supacaz Bar Plugs


5. Brass Bell

A classy commuter has a brass bell, period. These lovely brass bells have been made in the same small factory for many decades. They have hammer-type strikers, a beautiful tone, and great resonance.

Buy Brass Bell

6. Oval Chain Rings


absoluteBLACK Premium Shimano 110/4 bcd compatible oval chainrings in PVD Rainbow (oil slick) color are designed for new type of Shimano cranks Dura-Ace 9100, Ultegra 8000 & 105 R7000. Super fast shifting and amazing smoothness of pedaling. (They can be also retrofitted to 9000 and 6800 cranks). It is the most Premium oval chainring on the market. Due to the nature of PVD process, every chainring is unique and color may vary. Not a single chainring is the same which makes your new ring completely individual.

Buy Oval Chain Rings