If you like to explore the outdoors by bike, come hang out with us.

Gear.Lama believes that cycling should be fun. In this cycling world where weight, efficiency and "pro" gear are the norm - We are the outliers. We believe in the Eastern philosophy of "balance" - of balancing fun, with hard training. While making sure that cycling doesn't become a sufferfest. We eschew anything that makes cycling "serious".

Based in the lower Indian Himalayas, we alternate between the hill stations of Patnitop (J&K) and Mcleodganj (H.P.) because there's no better riding to be had than on the ups and downs of the Himalayas. 

For now Lama concentrates on detailed bicycle unveil videos, gear reviews and DIY hacks on our YouTube channel. A the same time we curate and put out awesome deals and quality cycling gear available in India on Instagram