Gear Lama

Abour Gear Lama

Lama's Mission

Is to make the Indian cyclist's life easier

We do this in three ways. First, with a consolidated search engine to search and purchase any bicycle products you may need. Second, by listing all the daily online bicycle gear deals. So, even if you're on a budget you can partake of your favourite products. And finally, by reviewing and recommending the best bicycle products available to the Indian cyclist.

Our Story

Lama’s journey began in early 2021 due to a lack of credible and quality bike information in India. We began by listing quality products and the best bicycle gear deals on Instagram. What started as a personal (works on my machine) project to look for bicycle gear every day, is now accessible to everyone as Lama Search. Now, you can partake of this powerful and blazing fast bicycle gear search engine. Over time we added a deals section to our website in addition to the search engine. Because, deals change frequently and it was impossible to list all of them on Instagram. Finally in 2022, we started a YouTube channel that reviews and disseminates information on bicycle gear and disciplines like bike packing and gravel cycling that our close to our hearts.

What We Do

We enjoy working with brands that share our passion for quality, creativity and incorporating feedback. We currently partner with Panaracer Tyres (Japan), United Bicycles (India), Scolarian Bikes (India), Geosmina Components (Spain) and Fenix Lights (India) on product information dissemination, product promotion, testing and review. Gear Lama is a domain expert in the bicycle industry with a keen emphasis on bike packing, touring, endurance racing and gravel cycling. Our expertise lies in outdoor content creation including but not limited to field photographs, videos and text. We collaborate with several publications for bicycle tour reports and gear testing. If you're a brand that is interested in working with us, do get in touch with us!